Core Mages

Initiate. Can harvest resources and build structures. Very weak but capable of a basic attack, in case of emergency. Can be upgraded to Battlemage.
Battlemage. Versatile magic warrior. Has a powerful ranged attack, good speed and decent armor. Weak against melee units. Can be upgraded to Archmage.
Archmage. The ultimate mage combatant. Slow and weak but capable of extremely powerful splash attacks, against both ground and air units.

Support mages

Summoner. Can summon creatures to aid in battle. Slow and weak, has a powerful but energy consuming attack, against both ground and air units. Can be upgraded to drake rider.
Drake Rider. Fast and more resistant that the Summoner, this unit is ideal for scouting or quick attacks.

Summoned creatures

Daemon. Basic cannon-fodder melee warrior. Weak and cheap. Its purpose is to keep enemy melee units away from your ranged attackers for as long as possible.
Ghost Armor. Medium melee unit. Slow, but resistant and capable of a good attack.
Dragon. Powerful and versatile air unit. Fast and capable of attacking both ground and air targets. Weak against piercing attacks.

Ritual units

Golem. Defensive unit. Needs energy to move, but has a powerful ground attack and excellent resistance.
Behemoth. The most advanced magic melee unit. Slow but capable of strong attacks, especially effective against structures and units with wood armor.
Tower Of Souls. Defensive structure capable of devastating anti air attacks.


Mage Tower. Main structure. Can store resources and produce Initiates.
Energy Source. Increases the unit cap by providing energy.
Summoner Guild. Produces Summoners and can upgrade Ancient Summoning.
Library. Upgrades Energy Compression, Energy Sharpening and Hell Gate.
Archmage Tower. Required to train Archmages, upgrades Dragon Call.


Ancient Summoning. Increases Summoner energy capacity and allows her to invoke Ghost Armors.
Energy Sharpening. Increases Battlemage, Summoner and Archmage attacks.
Energy Compression. Increases Battlemage, Summoner and Archmage energy capacity.
Hell Gate. Allows Initiates to build Behemoths.
Dragon Call. Required for the Summoner to invoke Dragons.
Last update 29/01/2020